perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011

Se riittää

Inspiraatio on vähän jossain, kun on aamusta iltaan jossain muualla. Onneksi on Pupulaisen kirjoittama runohaaste-lista, josta valitsin tälle kerralle dialogimuotoisen runon. Ja koska mun suomi ei oo tänään oikein ollut kunnossa, kielenä enkku. Kömpelö riimitys 4evah!!1 Ja se on vasemmassa reunassa ihan vaan anarkian takia.

The Chains of Responsibility

"Hello Miss, please Miss, 
would you please lend us this?"
"Well, yes, I guess, 
but you mustn't make a mess. 
That means no unravelled mittens, 
and especially no dead, slaughtered kittens. 
I don't want to hear any complaining, 
not about noise, mayhem or any staining. 
And do not cut down any trees, 
it'll make a sound even if no one sees."
"But Miss, that's so unfair, 
when Andrew had it he exterminated an antique chair!"
"Boys, those are my rules, 
they're to be followed when you borrow my tools."
"Fine, we'll do as you say, 
we'll return it almost right away."
"Just stand there and gaze in awe,
I sure as hell know what to do when borrowing someone a chain saw."

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Promising Poets Parking Lot kirjoitti...

fun conversations..
well penned.

Promising Poets Parking Lot kirjoitti...

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